Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 17 - On The Road Again


I'm a day late leaving Fairview, having planned to be on the road yesterday. But, seems I came down with a cold and didn't feel very well, so decided to rest 1 more day before starting east for the final leg of the trip. About once a year, usually around this time, I seem to get sick for a few days. Anyhow, not feeling the best, and thinking many people would be off work this week and I wouldn't find them, my attitude wasn't the best when I left Julie's.
It took about 30 minutes to get out of the Dallas area and on Hwy80 heading east. I'll follow it to Macon, GA, and then start working northeast. I was still west of Elmo when I found a place I camped during the walk. It was on day 79 of the walk, and I stayed near the trailer of a guy named Eric. He happened to be having "woman" problems that particular night, and we talked a lot about that. I found him today working on a truck in a garage nearby, and we talked a while about the walk. The woman still hasn't come back, but Eric seemed ok with that. I took a few pictures, left him with some apple butter from VA, and headed out.
I stopped in Wills Point to find Aerial Roark. On day 80 of the walk she brought me a great chicken salad sandwich. I found her today at Charley's Burgers, which she manages. Since it was near lunchtime, I ordered a chicken salad sandwich to take with me. I paid this time, and left behind some apple butter to thank her for her kindness during the walk.
My next stop was in Fruitvale at Means Feed & Grocery. I had stopped there during the walk and met some people, so wanted to look them up. I only found 1, Louise Means, co-owner of the store. We talked a while, took a few pictures, and I left behind apple butter as I headed east. Along the way I had a call from a woman where I camped on day 53 of the walk. It was the place where the horses wouldn't leave me alone, and I finally had to pack up the tent and move on. When I came by her house this time she and her husband weren't home, so I left a jar of apple butter hanging on the fence gate, and she called to thank me.
My next stop was Grand Saline looking for Veta Weaver, editor of the Grand Saline Sun newspaper. Veta has retired, but I met several other people at the paper.....Rusty, Wendi, and Ann. Wendy gave me a copy of the original article, and decided to do a follow-up article about my trip retracing the route of the walk. We talked a while, they told me some about Grand Saline, and I left them with some apple butter from VA.
I stopped in Big Sandy long enough to take a couple of pictures, and then headed for the final stop of the day......Texas Awning in Longview. The owner, Guy Gaither, was on vacation, but Joe and Lynn Paddie were there. I spent the night on day 83 at Texas Awning, sleeping on a cot in one of the offices. They brought me food and made it very comfortable for a walkingman. I left behind some apple butter as thanks, took a few pictures, and headed east.
It wasn't long until I was leaving Texas and entering Louisiana. And not long after that trying to find my way through downtown Shreveport. Somehow I took a wrong turn, and drove around a while until I could find Hwy80 (Texas Ave) and get out of town. Finally crossed the Red River into Bossier City, found a motel room (which wasn't easy because of football game in town this weekend), and settled down for the night. I've decided driving is about as tiring as walking, and much more stressful.
Eric from Elmo;
Aerial Roark, manager of Charley's Cafe, Wills Point, TX;
Louise Means, Fruitvale, TX;
Ann and Wendi, Grand Saline Sun newspaper;
Camp site, day 82, Big Sandy, TX;
Lynn and Joe Paddie, Longview, TX;
Texas Ave, Shreveport, LA

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